Hail in Hawaii!

Winter in Hawaii can bring lots of rain, and on occasion, a rare thunderstorm. But for all you climate change skeptics who believe the effects of global warming are a myth, gotta tell you we’ve been seeing more wild weather swings in the past two, three years than I’ve ever experienced since moving to Hawaii in 1985.

For the first time, our home in Kailua — sea level and about a mile from the ocean — was pelted by chunks of hail, ranging in size from marbles on up… some were reporting hail as big as tennis balls, which might be exaggerating a wee bit. The sky over the ocean was lit up by lightning, and thunder has been rattling the house. The heavy rain and thunderstorms have been going on all week, which is unusual too. We’re used to rainy patches during the winter that can last a few days… but not thunder and lightning.

It reminds me of that movie TAKE SHELTER, where the guy has a sense of impending doom because he has visions of an apocalyptic storm on the horizon, bringing yellowish rain. We’re not sure if he is mentally ill or possibly psychic. Critics liked it, and I was on board for awhile. But around mid-point I just got bored, and the ending was so ambiguous that I felt like I wasted my time watching it.

This morning though, when the chunks of ice were hitting our front door and rattling the windows, with the lightning flashing, rain flooding the backyard, and thunder booming in the Koolau Mountains, I felt a strangely exhilarating mix of fear and wonder.

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