More Contradictions: Creative Types

Two days after I posted my Opposites Attract thoughts, read an interesting piece on Huffington Post, which posits that creative types contain a “multitude” of contradictions within their personality make-up… really rang a bell with me, especially the idea that performers can be both extroverted and introverted at the same time. Is that you too?

Here’s the link to that article.

Ever since I wrote about “coincidences” and idea theft last month, I’ve encountered even more weird coincidences.  First, there was my horoscope which said: “There really is no such thing as coincidence, only a series of symbolic events that we’re occasionally smart enough to notice… Once you notice, you’ll have the answer to that pressing question you’ve been asking yourself.” Huh.

Then after my long, rambling post on contradictions, I come across the Huff Post piece which seemed to speak directly to me since it was about how creative types embody conflicting personality traits. People who don’t know me well, often assume I’m an extrovert who likes to be the center of attention. They couldn’t be more wrong. I have terrible stage fright and a fear of public speaking. Yet in college, I played slide guitar in a band… and I did revel in my brief time in the spotlight when we performed. Of course, I had to be sufficiently drunk before I took the stage.

Anyhow, before I get around to Part 2 of Opposites Attract, which involves a screenplay that is about rock music, the movie biz, and an old college acquaintance named Bruce Willis, wanted to also share these Scientific American articles related to creative thinking. Some of the ways to boost cognitive intelligence are similar to things I suggested in my Opposites Attract piece towards the end. Yeah, I know it’s long for a blog — but again, that’s part of my contrary nature, I guess.

To sum up the Scientific American article, which is also lengthy (worth reading though), the five primary principles to increase intelligence are:

1. Seek Novelty

2. Challenge Yourself

3. Think Creatively

4. Do Things The Hard Way

5. Network

And here’s the other S-A article that says “mind-body dissonance” can help creative thinking — in other words, displaying emotions that are opposite of what we’re actually feeling inside. Hmm, that’s kind of like what I was saying in Opposites Attract too, isn’t it?

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