New Versus Old “Hawaii Five-O” Thoughts

The reboot seems to be getting generally good reviews, and here in Hawaii it’s practically heresy to badmouth a local production with such a strong connection to the past because of the iconic theme song and Jack Lord’s stoic character. Plus, we loved seeing all the aunties and uncles in background shots and it was fun to identify real places that were pretending to be other locations.

Sorry to say this, but I was underwhelmed by the premier episode and had some bones to pick with the directing/editing choices made… and those criticisms apply to many other contemporary TV series and movies. I’m not a fan of all the EXTREME CLOSE-UPS on big widescreen high-definition TVs or in films. I hate the ADHD editing of action scenes in which you can’t even tell who’s hitting who or what’s happening (conversely, I’m tired of the slow-motion Matrix “bullet-time” gimmicks too). And for some reason, it seems a lot of the new TV series have to employ flashbacks within flashbacks or other time-jumping tricks that get annoying. As my wife says, “Just tell the damn story!” The last bit was directed at the pilot of The Event, which seems to be part Lost, part Flash Forward, part V I’m guessing from the hints that we are not alone.

I just did a separate post on the rebooted Hawaii Five-O on my Honolulu Star-Advertiser website blog, so if you want to read more of my ramblings on that topic, please click here

What say you? Thumbs up or down on the new Five-O or The Event?

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