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Quick update on my last post about Screenwriting Contest Results, in which I told you two out of three scripts I entered in the Page Awards comp made the first cut (top 25 percent of over 4,000 entries). Not making the grade was THE DOLL, a script that had done well in other contests — my point being early round judging can be VERY subjective.

So today I learn that Julie Gray’s well-regarded Silver Screenwriting contest announced their quarter-finalists, except they only chose 50 out of over a thousand entries (top 5 percent). THE DOLL was one of them, but STUNT MEN, which made the Page quarter-finals list, bombed out. So go figure!

Last year, my supernatural/psychological thriller INUGAMI, made the Silver Contest Top 10 Finalist list, but did not place in the money. Still, Julie’s team tried to get some of their professional contacts to read my script, even though I wasn’t among the prize winners. Although none of those producers or managers liked INUGAMI as much as the Silver Contest judges did, I really appreciate the effort Julie and her associates make to help writers like myself get read by top-notch industry people.

Congrats to everyone else who advanced in the Silver contest! And to those who didn’t, don’t give up. Took me awhile before my scripts starting advancing in contests — but even now, it’s still a crapshoot!

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