Squashed gecko photos wanted!

Found this funny Flickr photo from “23 Ways to Kill a Gecko”…


I’ve been remiss in posting my own photos of luckless geckos who are now embedded in my front door frame, but would love to see other interesting or odd gecko pictures from readers out there — live, dead or flattened like pancakes!

If you have gecko photos you’d like to share, please email me small to medium sized files at: richfigel@gmail.com.

Also include details about the gecko, and what the squashed gecko symbolizes to you in terms of failure or futility. Poems and artwork inspired by geckos are welcome too. Mahalo!

Unrelated Gecko News Link:

From the NY Times…

A Sticky Little Lizard Inspires a New Adhesive Tap

KEEP your eye on the shelves of your local hardware store, where in the next few years you may be able to find new tape from an unlikely source: the gecko.

Click here for the rest of the article.

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